The previous “overview” information presented on estate planning is only the beginning of achieving your personal and estate planning goals. It’s time to take action!

Start by carefully selecting the professionals who will assist you in the implementation of your goals. Professionals, working together for your best interest, may include your accountant, banker, broker, insurance agent, financial planner and attorney.

To further your individual personal and estate planning process, take time to discuss your goals and needs with your estate planning attorney. During your free initial, no-obligation consultation, we can determine your next action in estate planning, as well as discuss your questions and concerns. We can evaluate your potential costs of probate and taxes, as well as alternatives to avoid such costs.

Below is the link where you can download our Estate Planning Workbook, which you may complete to initiate your estate and personal planning. Although completion of the worksheets is not mandatory prior to your initial appointment, your free initial consultation will be more effective with completion of as much information as you can provide.

Information provided is held in complete confidence, and is used for the sole purpose of analyzing estate and personal planning needs and designing your individual documents.

Lisa A. Reeves

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